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# Copyright 2016-2021 IBM Corp. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

Client class: A client to an HMC.

from __future__ import absolute_import

import time

from ._cpc import CpcManager
from ._console import ConsoleManager
from ._metrics import MetricsContextManager
from ._logging import logged_api_call
from ._exceptions import Error, OperationTimeout

__all__ = ['Client']

[docs]class Client(object): """ A client to an HMC. This is the main class for users of this package. """ def __init__(self, session): """ Parameters: session (:class:`~zhmcclient.Session`): Session with the HMC. """ self._session = session self._cpcs = CpcManager(self) self._consoles = ConsoleManager(self) self._metrics_contexts = MetricsContextManager(self) self._api_version = None @property def session(self): """ :class:`~zhmcclient.Session`: Session with the HMC. """ return self._session @property def cpcs(self): """ :class:`~zhmcclient.CpcManager`: Manager object for the CPCs in scope of this client. This includes managed and unmanaged CPCs. """ return self._cpcs @property def consoles(self): """ :class:`~zhmcclient.ConsoleManager`: Manager object for the (one) Console representing the HMC this client is connected to. """ return self._consoles @property def metrics_contexts(self): """ :class:`~zhmcclient.MetricsContextManager`: Manager object for the :term:`Metrics Contexts <Metrics Context>` in scope of this client (i.e. in scope of its HMC). """ return self._metrics_contexts
[docs] @logged_api_call def version_info(self): """ Returns API version information for the HMC. This operation does not require authentication. Returns: :term:`HMC API version`: The HMC API version supported by the HMC. Raises: :exc:`~zhmcclient.HTTPError` :exc:`~zhmcclient.ParseError` :exc:`~zhmcclient.ConnectionError` """ if self._api_version is None: self.query_api_version() return self._api_version['api-major-version'],\ self._api_version['api-minor-version']
[docs] @logged_api_call def query_api_version(self): """ The Query API Version operation returns information about the level of Web Services API supported by the HMC. This operation does not require authentication. Returns: :term:`json object`: A JSON object with members ``api-major-version``, ``api-minor-version``, ``hmc-version`` and ``hmc-name``. For details about these properties, see section 'Response body contents' in section 'Query API Version' in the :term:`HMC API` book. Raises: :exc:`~zhmcclient.HTTPError` :exc:`~zhmcclient.ParseError` :exc:`~zhmcclient.ConnectionError` """ version_resp = self._session.get('/api/version', logon_required=False) self._api_version = version_resp return self._api_version
[docs] @logged_api_call def get_inventory(self, resources): """ Returns a JSON object with the requested resources and their properties, that are managed by the HMC. This method performs the 'Get Inventory' HMC operation. Parameters: resources (:term:`iterable` of :term:`string`): Resource classes and/or resource classifiers specifying the types of resources that should be included in the result. For valid values, see the 'Get Inventory' operation in the :term:`HMC API` book. Element resources of the specified resource types are automatically included as children (for example, requesting 'partition' includes all of its 'hba', 'nic' and 'virtual-function' element resources). Must not be `None`. Returns: :term:`JSON object`: The resources with their properties, for the requested resource classes and resource classifiers. Example: resource_classes = ['partition', 'adapter'] result_dict = client.get_inventory(resource_classes) Raises: :exc:`~zhmcclient.HTTPError` :exc:`~zhmcclient.ParseError` :exc:`~zhmcclient.ConnectionError` """ uri = '/api/services/inventory' body = {'resources': resources} result =, body=body) return result
[docs] @logged_api_call def wait_for_available(self, operation_timeout=None): """ Wait for the Console (HMC) this client is connected to, to become available. The Console is considered available if the :meth:`~zhmcclient.Client.query_api_version` method succeeds. If the Console does not become available within the operation timeout, an :exc:`~zhmcclient.OperationTimeout` exception is raised. Parameters: operation_timeout (:term:`number`): Timeout in seconds, when waiting for the Console to become available. The special value 0 means that no timeout is set. `None` means that the default async operation timeout of the session is used. If the timeout expires, a :exc:`~zhmcclient.OperationTimeout` is raised. Raises: :exc:`~zhmcclient.OperationTimeout`: The timeout expired while waiting for the Console to become available. """ if operation_timeout is None: operation_timeout = \ self.session.retry_timeout_config.operation_timeout if operation_timeout > 0: start_time = time.time() while True: try: self.query_api_version() except Error: pass else: break if operation_timeout > 0: current_time = time.time() if current_time > start_time + operation_timeout: raise OperationTimeout( "Waiting for Console at {} to become available timed " "out (operation timeout: {} s)". format(, operation_timeout), operation_timeout) time.sleep(10) # Avoid hot spin loop